My school has an annual, campus wide "olympic games." The winning team gets a steak dinner. My entire team consisted of seniors with no meal plans. Given the appropriate motivation, we came out victorious.
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👤︎ @katie12506
📅︎ Sep 19 2013
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I've been trying to resolve a tuition issue and it the first time the school directed me to the appropriate department after a month.
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📅︎ Oct 09 2013
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They are far from school appropriate.
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👤︎ @DSToast
📅︎ Jan 17 2016
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Somehow I didn't find it appropriate to yell "dick" in a high school parking lot.
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👤︎ @bhilz
📅︎ Aug 13 2015
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So my school has an "appropriate use scanner" on its computers... this is what i was flagged for
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👤︎ @TheToteGoat
📅︎ May 16 2014
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